Friday, April 12, 2013

A Lullaby to Myself

I used to sing myself lullabies 
Before I’d go to bed,
Dreaming of far off kings and queens
Dancing around in my head.

I would wake up each morning 
And see nothing but grey
Wishing to fall back asleep
The the verses I would pray.

I used to sing myself lullabies
Of a time far off in my past
When I was young happy and free
A Time when my world didn’t spin so fast.

I would meander down the streets slowly
As if my legs carried more weight than I could bare
Pondering why I was so unhappy
Why I really simply just did not care.

I used to sing myself lullabies
Tangled with images of Frodo, Dumbledore, and Harry
Losing myself in the ancient stories
Where life was riddled with spells and magic and fairy.

I would resent the friends that never called
Hated people who could be so happy in a world so mean.
Didn’t they see all of the violence, the poverty,
These girls clicking their phones and Facebook at age thirteen?

I used to sing myself lullabies
Of prince charming finally coming to save Snow White
Instead I’d get disappointing texts leaving me perplexed
What’s with all the games, the drama, the Fight?

I’d look at myself in the mirror and see all of the Wrongs
To big here, to small there, why can’t I just look like Her
Drowning myself in a sea of negativity
Essentially becoming my own worst nightmare and saboteur.

I used to sing myself lullabies
Of never growing up
Of having parents always there to tuck me in
With my animals, my toys, and my trusty sippy cup.

But now I realize that  I have to grow up too
To change the world and finally be someone
Figure out that life is greater than just me
Finally realizing the grown-up me has just begun.

I’m singing myself lullabies
Of a society for my children better than mine
So that they will see the world as a fairytale
And a live a life simply exquisite and divine.

Now I realize there is a road that once diverged
And I took the road less traveled by 
Because there were many turns, many bumps
And of course many odds that I would defy.

I’m singing myself lullabies
Now floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee
Having a dream that one day we will not be judged
And bringing Power to the She.

Because life is only but a dream
And no one is alive that is Youer than You
I’m grateful to be here in the present
Dear Past: I bid you adieu. 

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