Monday, April 8, 2013

Then said one who was fear-filled
  and frieghtened because he had no skills
  of music
  or art
  or crafts;
who was not free of self enough to share the thoughts
  that enveloped his mind;
  and whose song was not of joy-

"What can I do to be a part of the fellowship of life?"

And he answered, saying:
"We, being many, are each members of one body
  but all members have not the same office;

Having then gifts differing,
find what is renewal for your own mind and heart.

And you who are leaders-
  and you are all leaders-
Be careful lest you lose yourself in a game, a song, a craft-
  and keep in mind only what is 
  re-creative for you.

If you are indeed wise,
you will not bid others enter the house of your joy
but rather help each to the threshold of his own joy.

And even as there are many paths to the Kingdom of God above,
so there are many paths to abundant, creative living
here on earth,

Be it ever your good pleasure to find new ways of helping others
to release their imprisoned splendor;
And make of their lives a thing of beauty."

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